The next generation credit card fraud detection service that combines bot detection, behavioral analysis, and machine learning to protect your business from credit card fraud.

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Bot Detection

A large and growing percentage of web traffic is generated by bots, spiders, extensions, headless browsers, toolbars and other means (collectively called bots). The bots have become increasingly sophisticated in how they disguise themselves, therefore requiring continuously evolving detection methods.

Machine Learning tracks over 150 standard attributes per visitor and any number of custom attributes and events. These attributes are used in conjunction with machine learning algorithms to find which factors are leading to fraudulent transactions.

Behavioral Analysis

An additional layer of protection is our behavioral analysis of your visitors, which tracks visitor actions on your site to determine if they are human or not. Some factors are page frequency, navigation paths, speed to checkout, similar patterns of mouse movements and I.P. address collusion.

Fraud Analytics

In addition to detection, has complete analytics for your site with segmentation for visitor quality. Segment campaigns by score.

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Scoring API

Use our REST API to get full user profiles with quality scores and demographics in realtime to make better decisions about how to engage your users.

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Deep Analysis of Users

In order to detect bots and hidden sessions, employs client-side and server-side detection methods that are constantly evolving.

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